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    Where to get it:
Consult your local Veterinarian
or Animal Shelter

Pet microchip database services are generally provided by the microchip companies and fees can vary from a one time fee to annual renewal fees.  Although some claim to offer a free registration, you must pay an additional fee to make full use of their services.

A Microchip is NOT a Satellite Enabled or GPS Device

A Microchip – is used as a means of identification for your pet.

GREAT!  You got a microchip for your pet.
No doubt you have made the right choice in protecting your pet and ensuring it makes it back home should it get lost.
But WAIT! Did you follow up on the registration with the microchip company?
If you haven’t, do it now.  If you think your vet or shelter did it for you verify it.  See the list of microchip companies below.


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If your vet says they will submit a registration for you, follow up in a couple weeks with the microchip company and make sure it was done.  Don’t wait until your pet goes missing to find out the registration was never taken care of.

Below is a list of the most common microchip companies, if you are not sure of which company to call ask the facility who implanted the microchip on your pet.  If you adopted a pet which already has a microchip in it, call the list of microchip companies below and ask if it is one of theirs.  Once you determine who manufactured your pet’s microchip contact them for registration instructions.

(We are constantly looking to update this list if you know of a company not listed below please use the “contact” page to send us a note.)

  • 24 Pet Watch – 866-597-2424
  • AKC – 800-252-7894
  • Avid – 800-336-2843
  • Avid – Canada – 800-338-1397
  • Avid – UK – 800-336-2843 (within the UK 0800 652 8977)
  • Banfield – 800-838-6738
  • Bayer – 800-633-3796
  • Destron / Digital Angel – 800-328-0118
  • EIDAP – 888-346-8899
  • HomeAgain – 866-738-4324
  • Microchip ID Systems Inc. – 800-434-2843
  • PetIDGreen – 877-738-4384
  • PetKey – 866-973-8539
  • PetLink – 877-738-5465
  • Trovan – 800-463-6738


A microchip is implanted under the skin making it safe and secure from falling off or being taken off. A scanner is used to read its number.  Personalized Dog tags and collars can still be used to help with the recovery as usual. Even if the collar and dog tag are taken off the microchip remains implanted in the pet and sooner or later that pet will end up at a vet clinic or shelter and getting scanned.  This increases your chances of getting your pet back tenfold. But you must register its microchip number somewhere. Preferrably with the manufacturing company and then here our pet microchip database is FREE.

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